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Hangulm Fertilizer functions as both organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer Combination of sufficient soluble organic matter and balanced nutrients of N-P-K+Trace Eliments

Completely fermented organic matter causes no gas or obstacles in soil

Keeps the root of plants strong, defending diseases

Nutrients are slowly released-long lasting fertilizer effect

Hangulm 10-3-4+TE

Hangulm 13-3-4+TE

Hangulm 10-3-4

Hangulm 9-7-17

Hangulm 21-3-6
(Chestnut fertilizer)

Hangulm BB
(17-5-9 Rice Paddy fertilizer)

Hangulm Slow-Release Rice Paddy Fertilizer 30-6-6-10(Magnesium)

Natural mineral coating->No soil pollution

Nitrogen flows out through micropores of mineral coating, keeping fertilizer effect long-lasting

10% of magnesium enhance the quality of grain and flavor